Navajo Rugs & Blankets

Cisco’s has over 1,000 historic Native American rugs, blankets, and weavings which makes its collection one of the largest in the country. This diverse inventory features many styles and sizes from across the Southwest such as Germantowns, Ganados, Yeis, area rugs, pictorials, saddle blankets and more. The collection even inclues pieces acquired from the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans estate with a few remaining.

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Navajo weavings are by far the most popular of Native American weavings and were originally woven for utilitarian purposes such as blankets, cloaks, dresses, and saddle blankets. The actual origin of weaving among the Navajo tribe is unknown, although it is suspected that it was learned from interaction with the Pueblo tribe in the period between 1400 and 1600. Toward the mid-19th century weaving began to flourish as trade between Navajo Indians and white settlers increased. The arrival of the railroad in the 1880’s led to further expansion of the market for Navajo weavings and led to the importation of dyed yarn such as that from Germantown, Pennsylvania.