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Home Furnishings

Western home furnishings encompass a wide range of design styles, from traditional rustic to modern industrial, that all pay homage to the American West. Vintage furniture, often crafted from reclaimed wood and weathered metal, adds a touch of history and character to any space. Custom leather furniture is also a popular choice, as it is durable and timeless. From western-inspired sofas and chairs to handcrafted leather accessories, this style combines functionality with a distinct aesthetic that evokes the spirit of the American frontier. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, western home furnishings offer a unique blend of comfort and style. Cisco's Home Furnishings collection consists of antique and vintage décor, custom leather furniture, modern rustic furniture, and Adirondack-style cabinetry, as well as a variety of unique lighting options. Additionally, Cisco’s maintains a large inventory of taxidermy perfect for the high-end western home or office. If you need design, installation, or decorating services please visit our services page for more information!