Cisco’s is committed to building a long-term rewarding relationship with all of our clients.  When you purchase from Cisco’s you can do so with complete confidence on all items purchased.  For items costing in excess of $2000, we back each piece with our 125% Trade-back Guarantee.  Any item you purchase from Cisco’s can be returned in the same condition as when it was purchased for full store credit on any other item in our gallery, or website at the marked retail price including 5% annual interest for up to five years following the sale.  That’s a guaranteed 25% appreciation in value on any item you have purchased from Cisco’s.

Our guarantee allows a beginning collector to get started at an entry level, and as he/she gain both knowledge and confidence, provides a vehicle to upgrade their collection and replace less desirable for more desirable, not only without a discount but at a premium.

**Interest accrues at the rate of 5% per full year for up to five years only on each anniversary date from the date of final payment and is not prorated.  Our guarantee applies only to antiques and does not include non-antique items carried by Cisco’s or special orders not from Cisco’s inventory.  Store credit cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred, or assigned. We reserve the right to deny Trade-Back privileges if we feel requests are made not in good faith.



Cisco’s guarantees that any piece purchased is as represented.  If a client feels the piece is not as represented, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact Cisco’s and explain. It is possible an error was made.  If so, a complete refund including shipping charges will be made.
  2. If we find that no error was made we will ask that you provide a written opinion by an individual experienced in the field explaining the issues. Based on this opinion we may agree to a full refund including shipping.
  3. If we disagree with your expert, we will mutually agree on a third party and agree to their finding.