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Thunder Mug Signal Cannon


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This circa 17th Century Bronze "Thunder Mug" Signal Cannon has a .70 caliber smooth-bore. It measures about 4.75" tall x 3.75" base. A few nicks and small dents around the top rim. The vent hole is clear and its carry handle is fully intact. These small cannon were used for making noise reports, and if required they could fire a small projectile. Ships were required to make a loud report upon entering a port, to signal a small boat to row out to the ship to inspect the health of the crew before allowing the ship to anchor or dock. These noise makers were great because they used small amounts of powder and can be easily moved around. Overall the surfaces retain an outstanding natural deep green-brown age patina that has nice eye appeal for display. Rarely are these made with carry handles.

PERIOD: 18th Century

ORIGIN: East, United States

SIZE: 4.75" tall x 3.75" base

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