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The Haven's Site - Archeological Finds Collection


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The Haven's Site is on the east side of the Missouri River. The N. Dakota and S. Dakota border is about five miles south of the site and the town of Fort Yates, five miles north on the opposite side of the river. This site has never been cultivated and is in native prairie sod. Impressions marking the location of 56 long rectangular houses are present over an area of about 15 acres on the second terrace of the Missouri River. The terrace rises about 20 feet above the floodplain. House sizes are about 30 feet wide by 700 feet long. Inhabitants of Haven's Site were sedentary people practicing horticulture and also depending to a large extent upon hunting and on food collected from the Missouri including fish and mussels. Faunal remains were numerous. The largest portion of bone appears to be bison, deer, antelope, elk, bird and small mammal. The date has been estimated by Dr. Lehmer, for the first use between 1100 and 1500 AD. The site was also occupied at a later date in the 18th and 19th Century. Lewis and Clark also chose the site as a campsite on their trip west. This collection covers a time span of 900 years including bone tools, knife river flint points and fresh water clam ornaments from the early phase. Later from the 19th Century, including Lewis and Clark's visit there are trade coins that would have been offered at the fort, an early ladies brooch probably given as a gift and a ring fashioned from a Padre bead and wire. Additionally there are two steel points, nine trade beads, a butterfly pin and an early catlinite carved turtle fetish. This piece was authenticated by Greg Perino. This assemblage was collected in the 1960s by Todd Langelier who grew up in the area and was on site at the time the archeological digs were happening.

PERIOD: Prehistoric

ORIGIN: Dakotas, United States

SIZE: Frame 30" x 22 1/2"

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