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Southern Plains Sword Lance Spear


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19th Century Southern Plains sword lance spear. This is a phenomenal, rare and important sword lance spear from the Southern Plains Indians of Texas dating to the mid-1800's. The piece exhibits a long forged iron spear that consists of a double edge tapering sword blade with full tang which is secured into the stripped wood long spear handle. The sword has the original forged iron cross guard / ran-guard and further below this is an iron metal ring which has rawhide sinew wrappings securing the wood, again at the base of the sinew a larger iron ring again. The long wood haft has been stripped / carved and has another section of parfleche rawhide wrapping being sinew sewn and further wrapped below in more sinew parfleche. The entire club has a deep original patina from honest age and use which is consistent across the entire piece and deep patina across the iron blade. Provenance: Originally collected from Texas and purchased by the current owner from a New Mexico early weapons dealer, from a greater Milwaukee private collection. The piece is likely from the Kiowa or Comanche Indians of Texas and dates to the mid-1800's, making it truly a fantastic piece. Haft has been broken and repaired. Natural polished branch for haft.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Southern Great Plains, Native American

SIZE: Blade 24", 78" Overall

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