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Red Mesa Bowl


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Medium size deep round bodied bowl; rim is direct and tapered. Coil and scrape construction; light gray paste. Temper is fine to medium, angular clear to translucent quartz, soft dark brown fragments and gray lithic material. Decoration is confined to the interior and is brownish-black mineral paint applied over somewhat dirty white, crazed slip. The design consists of 11 triangles extending into the bowl from the rim. The triangles are arranged in a running A,B,A,B pattern, where A consists of three consecutive hatchure filled triangles, each having one solid corder and where B is the same as A with pendent dots replacing several of the hatchure lines. Framing and hatchure lines are 1 - 1.5mm. The rim is painted black. Icons may represent hill/mountain with a "day" reference, earth/land, and watered earth. Found in Catron County, Southwest New Mexico. Glued, three rim chips, one very small piece missing in bottom.

PERIOD: Late Antiquity

ORIGIN: New Mexico, United States

SIZE: 17.2cm D; 6.5cm Depth; 5mm Thick; 2mm Rim

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