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A single rod example worked in two distinct rows of short stepped devices, bead fastened to the sides and hung as pendants. Under the name Pomo are some 30 little tribes. The tribes which made these baskets live in Lake Sonoma and Mendocino counties, and are examples of their best work. The materials used are California sedge, nut pine, black rooted sedge, Sitka willow, Douglass spruce beaked hazel, California flax, red fir, poison oak, bracken, bullrush, nutmeg, Oregon grape, syringa, maiden-hair fern, digger pine, green briar, willow, redbud, bracken, calycanthus and hazelnut. 3 ½” H, 7 ½” diameter. 19th century.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: California - Pomo, Native American

SIZE: 3 1/2"H, 7 1/2" diameter

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