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Pak Persian Rug

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Hand knotted Pak Persian rug. 4'4" x 2'5". Pak Persian rugs are the masterworks of the craftsmen living within the western part of Pakistan. These designs are one of the oldest designs in the carpet weaving industry. These rugs have a very shiny surface and unique yet simple designs. They are mainly woven in larger sizes and are great for decorating homes. Over the centuries, Persian rugs have become treasured heirlooms passed on from generation to generation. Persian rug exports began in the 16th Century. Starting in the 1850s, American, British, and German firms established new factories ensuring the art form’s continued development. Royal factories were established to utilize the finest materials and methods of manufacture. Persian rugs are traditionally known for their variety in design, color, size and weave with each being unique. Rug styles are generally named after the village or area where they are woven or collected, or by the weaving tribe in the case of nomadic pieces. The number of knots in a rug can be a general indication of its quality. Knots show how much work went into making the rug. More knots mean more work labor and also make it possible to produce greater intricacy of the pattern.

PERIOD: Mid 20th Century

ORIGIN: Pakistan, Asia

SIZE: 4'4" x 2'5"

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