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Pacific Eskimo or Aleut Dart/Harpoon


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Pacific Eskimo or Aleut dart or harpoon. Used specifically for seals and sea otters. This piece is thrown with an atlatl. One will notice that the thin wooden shaft is delicately "swamped" - narrower in the middle and flared at the ends. The butt end on an atlatl launch start is flat or slightly concave where it rests against the bowing point set in the grove of the atlatl. There is a wood line hole in the end of the bone foreshaft. This is a socket where the ivory or copper barb point which is set in place when the harpoon is to be used. It is attached the shaft by a "Y" shaped finely braided sinew line, one of the fork ends of which is attached closed to the foreshaft and the other to the wooden shaft, about half or two thirds of the way back. When ready for use the "Y" is stretched out tot eh side and whole line is then wound on the shaft, leading the point in forward and sitting the point in place in it's socket. When complete this among the most interesting hunting weapons anywhere.

PERIOD: Unknown

ORIGIN: Alaska, United States

SIZE: Head 8" Overall 54"L

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