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Old Coast Salish Totem


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Older model totem pole featuring a human in a chiefly hat over a frog and humanoid head. Although this pole has a note on the back that identifies it as Alaskan, it almost certainly the work of a local Seattle-based Salish artist, perhaps Duwamish or Suquamish. Model poles carved up and down the coast were often sold to tourists on steamships and many were called “Alaskan” in the collector’s notes, usually because the person was on an Alaskan cruise (not necessarily because the carver was actually Alaskan). Although the identity of the maker is unknown, they were prolific and were among the earlier Coast Salish artists to start producing model totem poles for sale to tourists. Same maker as S987. 12"H

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Plateau - Salish, Native American

SIZE: 12"H

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