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Northwest Doll with Thunderbird (eagle) Mask


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Seated figure with Thunderbird mask; carved yellow cedar, Thunderbird mask (eagle) depicted as head on a seated human body. Arms are dramatically open and outstretched. Large, richly detailed Thunderbird Mask, permanently attached with oblong eyes painted red, black and white. Edge decorated with dyed (red) spruce root as simulated mask harness over shoulders and across the chest. Dance apron; Seated figure wearing an apron of shredded cedar bark. Held on to figure at the waist with woven cedar string and abalone shell on button at back. Approximately 7" wide/long by 4" high. Bench; carved from cedar. Decorated on the back with bear face, outlined with inlaid red dyed spruce root. Ears, eyebrows and nose of inlaid abalone shell. Eyes of inlaid fossilized ivory. Nose/beak protrudes from bench back. Approximately 5.5"H, 6.75W and 4" deep. (See Denver Art Museum, catalog #QBC-2). Cape; Trade wool, black edged in red trade wool. Closed at neck with woven cedar string and abalone shell button. Back of cape decorated with small pearl buttons. (As per traditional Button-blanket). Bear face figure with in-cut red trade wool outlined with pearl buttons. Eyes are old Chinese brass coins with pearl button pupils. Coin with legible dating in the form the Kuan (or Qianlong) dynasty 1736-1796. This coincides with the main Kuing dynasty, 1664-1912. Cape size 11.5" W and 11.75" H. (See Button-Blanket, Cat. # NA 8516 U. Museum, Philadelphia). History: Acquired from a Midwest doll collector. The doll was collected from Mary Thompson living in Revelstoke, B.C. The piece was collected by her grandfather in Masset, B.C. that is on Queen Charlotte Island in the early 1920's. There may be different work periods on the piece, however, the last at that time. Cisco’s complies with all State and Federal regulations regarding the commerce of ivory. This item is not available for international shipment or within the United States to Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York Oregon or Washington.

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Northwest - Unknown, Native American

SIZE: Doll; 13"L; measurement, back of head to the tip of beak 10 1/2"

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