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Northwest Bear Spirit Mask


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Bear came to teach the poor and weak humans their place in nature and help them learn how to live in the world. The bear is a link between the human and non-human animal realms. The bear has many human-like qualities, and is considered to be closely related to humans. Bear Spirit is strong and powerful, and is frequently called upon for strength and courage for the warrior. A fierce mother, Bear will defend its young to the death. Bear Mother is a traditional story of man of the Northwest coastal tribes. Northwest Coast hand carved cedar mask with exceptional abalone eyes, teeth are of walrus ivory. Signed with a bear. Second time around. Came from an estate. The man who acquired now passed on. 14”H 10”W. Est. 1940s. Hand carved. Exceptional abalone in the eyes. Cisco’s complies with all State and Federal regulations regarding the commerce of ivory. This item is not available for international shipment or within the United States to Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York Oregon or Washington.

1940s 14"H x 10"W

PERIOD: Contemporary

ORIGIN: Northwest - Unknown, Native American

SIZE: 14"H x 10"W

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