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Northern Plains Hide Scraper


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Northern Plains elk horn hide scraper with steel bit. Inscribed with collection data Frances CES. Loan Eagle Bidoc SD, 1931. With original collection tag. Much patina from use. This is wonderful example of an elk scraper or hide flesher known as a "wahintki" in the Lakota language. Made from an elk antler and an iron blade hafted to the curved tip with a leather cord. This section of elk antler was taken from between the second and third tines, the natural curve and durability of the material was ideal for crafting tools that were strong and long lasting; indeed, this handle may be much older than the iron blade that was obtained after European contact. Antler scrapers were precious and passed down from mother to daughter, often serving many generations to scrape hides clean before tanning.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Northern Plains, Native American

SIZE: 12" x 5"

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