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Northern Plains Bow


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Northern Plains bow backed with buffalo and painted green and red. Original sinew twisted bow string and two matching arrows that came each painted with the same green and red. Each having steel points. One 2" , the other 4". Bow length 40" arrow length 24". This one killed buffalo. The sinew was applied with hide glue and then the sinew was both shredded and placed in strips on the handhold which is colored red. The edge of the bow has red zig zag markings that vary in the boldness of the color. The arrow tips are held in place with a sinew wrap. Fletching on both arrows measure approximately 8" and is also held in place with a sinew wrap. Both arrows have a paint or stain matching the bow. Both arrows have a blood line ethced in the length of the shaft. The bow was puchase from a third generation American Indian trader named Pat Read (LT. COL. Lathrop B."Pat" Read) in the late 60's. Pat Read owned stores during his lifetime in Albequrque, Santa Fe, and Taos, New Mexico as well as Lawrence, Kansas following his retirement from military. Many of the items Pat Read had in his personal collection were previously collected by his father and grandfather.

PERIOD: Mid 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Northern Plains, Native American

SIZE: Bow length 40" arrow length 24"

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