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Nez Perce Parfleche Packet


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Nez Perce parfleche packet of rectangular form and impressive size. Handmade from cowhide and skillfully hand painted in hues of cobalt, emerald, crimson and merigold. The brilliant pigments adorned on the front of the bag creating a lovely abstract design of triangular and rhomboid motif, as well as horizontal and vertical striations. These patterns often represent mountains, rivers or have a spiritual significants. Opens via pair of front flaps that meet in the middle and are tied with a brain tanned thong. Additional thong at the top allows the parfleche to be suspended. Parfleche like this example were almost exclusively made by women and used as lightweight and weatherproof containers for personal items including dried meats. Items were often stored for long times as emergency rations.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Plateau - Nez Perce, Native American

SIZE: 28"L x 12 1/2"W

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