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Nez Perce Basket


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This basket was made of willow bark by the Nez Perce Indians. It was hooked over the saddle horn when the Indians went to the mountains for huckleberries. They lined the inside with thimble berry leaves, then huckleberries were picked and placed in the basket. The lining of the leaves kept the berries from leaking through the sides of the basket. (This information was given by Archie Lawyer who lives North of Grangeville). Owned by Mrs. Yellow Bull, wife of Chuslum Mox-Mox who was the nephew of Chief Joseph. Yellow Bull rode Chief Joseph's horse at his funeral. This basket was given to Flossy Higgins Northway as a gift after Flossy; their neighbor, helped bury Yellow Bull's sister, Tolo. We acquired the basket from Gary Likkel who acquired from Flossy's family. Gift was given in 1920's, basket older, rare with good history.

PERIOD: Unknown

ORIGIN: Plateau - Nez Perce, Native American

SIZE: 11"x10"

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