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Miniature Walrus Ivory Humpback Whale


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Miniature ivory humpback whale depicted swimming with detailed and exceptioanlly realistic features, especially on the head, flippers and tail. The whale's body is symmetrical, with the flippers close to the body, the tail lowered and the back edge slightly raised. Based on the coloration, the figure was carved from "fossilized mineralized" ivory. A butterscotch colored and extremely textured chunk of fossilized walrus tusk core material serves as the base. The metal pin is mounted vertically on the irregular top surface, near the center, to support the whale. The bottom is flat, smooth and highly polished. Bottom inscribed "Victoria Collection" and "D.J.". Carving style and materials suggest this might not be the work of an Eskimo craftsman.

PERIOD: Late 20th Century

ORIGIN: Alaska, United States

SIZE: 3.9cm whale length

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