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Madusa Whitetail Buck


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76pts. 464 3/8 gross "Madusa" whitetail deer shoulder taxidermy mount. Gigantic Deer Skull that you see was named after the Greek Mythology Witch named Madusa who had a few dozen snakes growing out of her head. Well, this Buck has several dozen points growing out of his. We have counted 76 points that are least 1" long. 37"W, 25"W, Protrudes 23". The Rack was scored just before a Skull at Antler Auction about 4 or 5 months ago. Of course with an enormous rack like this a different measurer from a different Club may score the Deer as much as 2" to 3" more or less depending on how they score and what method they are using. They came up with 74 points instead of 76 or it might be 77 points. This is a real tough one to score because points are growing everywhere and in different directions. The Madusa Buck came off of a Amish Farm in Northern Ohio. We are firmly believe his is in the Top 20 Biggest Bucks ever. Their are no repairs, cracks, stain, or rodent chews on these antlers. These are not reproductions or sheds! This is a truly enormous Deer with a solid skull. This Madusa Buck should be mounted and placed where a lot of people can see and enjoy him.

PERIOD: c44 x 32

ORIGIN: Ohio, United States

SIZE: 37"W, 25"W, Protrudes 23"

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