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Hidatsa Arikara Medicine Shirt


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Hidatsa Arikara medicine shirt worn by a warrior who deserved honors, pre-reservation. Horseshoes represent successful horse raids, and the six quilled eagle feathers signify war coups, scalps or battles. Would note, four real scalps possibly moved over from an earlier war shirt, both quills and beading. Very fine quill work outlining, which would have needed to be done by an older lady who quilled before beads as very little quill work after reservation period. Front is plain. Silk ribbons, dyed horsehair, feather fluffs, ermine drops and lots of fringe. Buttons moved over from a "found" piece. This warrior once wore a fancy breastplate long since separated from the shirt. Outside is very clean; inside is greasy, dirty, sweaty signifying the shirt was worn a lot but he was proud and made an effort to keep it clean.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Sioux, Native American

SIZE: 35"L x 18" across shoulders

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