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Fred Harvey Turquoise Bracelet


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Petit Fred Harvey turquoise and sterling bracelet. Traditional raised and imbedded hand stamped sterling palmette detail with one Damele turquoise stone in center surrounded by twisted rope. Solid but allows for flexibility. Great patina. Fred Harvey is an entrepreneur who’s credits include influencing the Navajo Native American Indians. Most interestingly, Fred Harvey was born in 1835 and dies in 1901. Consequently, he dies well before the success of his Harvey House restaurants and other endevour. Most importantly, he advocates for Native American Indians to produce “Indian” looking jewelry. Hence, this jewelry’s purpose is to sell as mementos to tourists who travel the railroad out to the Western United States. As a result, this jewelry receives it’s special recognition. In addition, enthusiasts reference it as railroad jewelry or Route 66 jewelry. Most of all, this jewelry is recognized by the thinly stamped sheet silver. It often has raised accents or stamping such as Thunderbirds (a factitious bird). In addition whirling logs (swastikas), arrowheads, dogs and snakes are popular motifs.

PERIOD: Mid 20th Century

ORIGIN: Southwest - Navajo, Native American

SIZE: 4 1/2" plus 1" opening x 1/2"

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