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Folk Art Powder Horn


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Outstanding American folk art powder horn. This 13" horn has a high domed turned wood base and a turned and threaded spout, with a turned collar at the tip. The horn is fully engraved, apparently by a carver of some ability, as the movement and completeness of the figures is beyond the skills of an average owner/carver. It is engraved "MADE/for J. XHUXX (AMP/ER) by/CM. DEWEES/1839" near the turned mouth. Their meaning is not known. The letters within the parentheses are only partially readable. The person who sold it in 1988 stated that it was purchased at the McGregor farm sale that year, near Nauvoo, IL, and that it was given to Mr. McGregor by one "J. Schue", one of the persons who helped drive the Mormons from Nauvoo in the 1840's. Other carvings on the horn included "THE FOX'S PURSUIT," a scene of three dogs running after a fox. The scene starts at a tree at the base of the horn, and covers 11," ending near the owner's name at the top. The next scene, "THE RABBIT'S ESCAPE AND DEATH OF THE SNIPE," shows a kneeling man firing a flintlock at a fleeing snipe in some reeds, while a dog to his right is chasing a rabbit. Next, at the base of the horn, is a 3 1/2" man with flintlock holding the reins of a horse, with hunting saddle. Above, and at right angles to the horse and riders, is a tree containing two birds and a squirrel, with a crane flying away. A covey of quail, with one taking flight, extends toward the neck. The bulbous turning at the tip of the horn was turned from another piece of horn, slightly lighter in color, 1" long, and slightly larger in diameter. The inside of the base horn is threaded to take the 1/2" 12 pitch screw on the nozzle, which has been drilled through with a 1/4" hole. The domed base is 1 1/4" high, not including the 3/4" button that is turned on its flat top. The base has turned rings at top and bottom. It is stained dark and fastened with brass nails.

PERIOD: Mid 19th Century

ORIGIN: East, United States

SIZE: 13"

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