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Doll Cradleboard Collection


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Doll Cradleboard Collection (Right to Left) 1. Ute cradleboard. 13”. Beaded edge with cross accents and brain tanned deer hide. 2. Umatilla doll cradleboard. Fully beaded panel. Cross accents with fringe. 19”. Brain tanned deer hide with doll having adorned with horse hair. 3. Nez Perce doll cradleboard. Brain tanned deer hide with fully beaded panel. 18” 4. Ute doll cradleboard. Fully beaded edges and brain tanned deer skin. 20” 5. Ute cradleboard. Brain tanned deer skin with cream algae stain. 21” 6. Ute cradleboard. Beaded panel with cross motif and beaded band having time and shape fetish. Brain tanned deer skin. 19” 7. Plateau cradleboard. Canvas with deer hide panel having beaded edging and cross motif. 18”. 8. Ute cradleboard with beaded edging and band. Cross motif and brain tanned deer hide. 16” 9. Ute cradleboard with panel and band having diamond shaped fetish on brain tanned deer hide. 13”.

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Great Basin - Ute, Native American

SIZE: Smallest 13"; Largest 21"

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