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"Coiling the Rope" by Bob Wood


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(1925-1999). Oil on board; 12" x 16". Former Northwest Montana artist. Bob explained, “My one sole purpose in painting is to try to make the Old West live again through the art that I do, and when it’s time for me to make that trip to the shadow land, I want to lie still in the earth that l really belong to. Very few men have the opportunity to live their dreams. My dream will best be understood by those who have sat on a horse in the high country. There is that time of day the Indian calls ‘the hour of no wind’. ln the realities of silence and solitude, one may, through the transporting power of imagination, see and hear ghosts that can come alive in the heart of the West that is past—a land of passion, violence and incredible beauty."

PERIOD: Mid 20th Century

ORIGIN: Montana, United States

SIZE: 12" x 16"

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