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Child's Teepee


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Pictured and noted in Hanson's book "Spirits in the Art", "The teepee has the mountain triangles and circles that some say represent lakes. Other people claim they represent stars, that the center top is an equilateral cross that represents the morning star. The semi-circular line near the top symbolizes the trail of the animal that brought the teepee's design to the owner in a dream. Three mounted warriors ride from right to left around the teepee's center. Many of the old photographs of Indian camp scenes show children sitting around playing "teepee". These are usually accurate miniatures of full-sized old-time teepees, 19th cty. Pieces like this are quite rare, as not many survived. This piece of buffalo hide, ex. Forrest Fenn collection and published. When collected, the original teepee was with poles, now separated. Mount flat on the wall or in the round with replacement poles.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Sioux, Native American

SIZE: 24" x 44"

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