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Chief Mountain Horse by Two Gun


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Oil on board 12" x 16 " Period oak frame 20" x 16". Unique raised beading style. Complete typed history on back as follows: "Chief Mountain Horse, son of Moon Calf, was on of the famous old warriors of the Blood tribe of the Blackfeet Confederacy. When he died on October 31, 1937, at the age of 80 years, he was the last of the Bloodsfought in the last recorded Indian battle in western Canada. Mountian Horse was one of the braves who took part in the historic fight along the Oldman River bottom, between the Blackfeet Confederacy and the Crees, in the fall of 1872. In this bloody battle, the Crees staged a surprise attack on a Blood encampment and were virtually wiped out by the re-attacking Blackfeet. Mountain Horse, who was nicknamed Jim Snake, or Rattlesnake Jim, because of his prowess in handling live rattlesnakes, was on of the first on the reserve to send his children to scholl. One son, Mike, was born on the return of the old warrior from the warpath 52 years ago, when Mountain Horse and another member of the tribe survived a terrific skirmish with their enemies, the other members of tehparty being exterminated. Before the minor chief died, he declined to go to the hospital and preffered to remain at his house on the preserve. The old chief sent three sons overseas during the First Great War, the youngest of them, who held a lieutenant's commission, being killed in action. At the funeral held October 14, 1937, at St. Paul's School, many Indians and white people attended to honor the old chief. The coffin was draped in the Union Jack and there were many floral tributes. - from Lethbridge Herald, Oct. 15, 1937."

PERIOD: Mid 20th Century

ORIGIN: Montana, United States

SIZE: 12" x 16"; Frame 20" x 16"

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