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Blackfeet Teepee Willow Back Rest


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Traditional Blackfoot teepee back rest of harvested and carved willows dating to the 19th Century. This piece is constructed of stripped willow which is banded together with a red stroud trade cloth edge and blue trade cloth sections. The top of the stand shows a red, blue and tanned trade cloth section with an opening which allows the piece to be slid over the long hand carved poles. The poles, which are in a tri pod pattern, show four sections of geometric carvings on bark designs. A truly artistic addition which are tied together with Native tanned hide. The piece originated in Northwest Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation near Glacier National Park in Browning, Montana. Ex. Great Falls Collection. It appears the stroud on the bottom 16 inches was replaced during period of use.

PERIOD: Late 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Blackfeet, Native American

SIZE: 63"H plus 10" top flap 32"W at bottom

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