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Blackfeet Split Horn Headdress


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Blackfeet or Crow split horn headdress collected by Ron Hall at Browning, Montana from grandson of Edward Axe (Blackfeet) who acquired from Jack Black Horse (Blackfeet) and Mary Yellow Fly (Cree) living in Belly River Alberta. Highly decorative with long back drop. Tacked horns having horse hair and feather fluffs with quill drops. Floral beaded head band on velvet. Long red (now turned orange-ish) and blue hair on red trade cloth drop with five dangling ermines with brain tanned fringe. Buffalo split horns with tacks, feathers, silk, quilled drops ending in tin cones with feather fluffs.

PERIOD: Late 19th Century

ORIGIN: Montana, United States

SIZE: 4'6"L x 12"W x 12" Deep

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