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Blackfeet Brass Studded Quirt


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Original authentic circa 1870 Blackfeet Native American Indian wood quirt with brass tacks. The piece is of a nice large size and is comprised of a carved wood handle with beautiful solid brass square shank trade tacked hour glass or snake like pattern with bands. The pommel end at the base of the curved gripping area has a hand drilled pierced hole holding a wrist throng in Indian tanned hide. The front shows a wood dowel and old brass trade tack secured Buffalo parfleche rawhide whip section. The piece was previously listed as being an authentic original Circa 1870 Blackfeet Quirt by the experts at Heritage Auctions in 2017. The bottom of the piece is marked with a black-on-white inscription AB 377 a collection museum marking. Overall well preserved condition with nice original patina and one of the larger wood examples offered for sale. Measures 33.5"L with strap and front parfleche section by 2.5" at it thickest. Museum collection number E1034.

PERIOD: Late 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Blackfeet, Native American

SIZE: 33 1/2"

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