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Apache Basket with Flower Design


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Apache basket with flower design in the center. Black around the edge and crosses at the petal tips. Apache trays have traditionally been created by women in flat, curved, and bowl forms like this example. Those with pictorial elements are coveted, and the coloration oxidizes over time to warm hues as we see in this example. Apache trays were originally created for winnowing grain or storing food. The Apache have a longstanding basketry tradition, and basket making is among the most celebrated art forms in their culture. They have created many types of baskets, including trays, ollas, bowls, and burden baskets, and have used these in virtually every aspect of daily life. Being nomadic hunters and gatherers, baskets were treasured for carrying firewood as well as roots and berries.

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Southwest - Apache, Native American

SIZE: 6" x 19"

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