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Animal Trap Drake Mallard Decoy

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Animal Trap Co. drake mallard decoy with glass eyes. Probably Victor or Animal Trap Co. A decoy company that bought out Pratt in the mid-1930s. It was called Animal Trap where sometimes they interchanged the name with Victor. They moved the company down to Pascougla, MS. They moved the decoy co. to Mississippi because wood was plentiful and cheap - forest wood that didn't compare to cedar of the North. It was real light wood and the decoys rode high on the water. They are not well made and were turned out on lathes. They were fine for hunting but not very desirable. For collectors they would make as many as 4,000 dozen decoys per month in that area of MS. They were cheap and affordable. For the average hunter they worked fine.

PERIOD: 19th Century

ORIGIN: Mississippi, United States

SIZE: 16"

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