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Have Something to Sell or Consign?


Cisco’s Gallery does purchase and consign artifacts, antiques, collectibles and artwork from individuals. This is primarily how we have acquired such an extensive inventory of high quality pieces. We are always on the lookout for rare and exceptional individual pieces and collections. If you have an item which you think we would be interested in, please feel free to contact us with information regarding your item using this form. We will be happy to review your submission given that that care has been taken in its completion.

Note: You must be the Owner OR Authorized Representative of the Owner for the piece(s) submitted for acquisition or consignment. We do occasionally ask for written verification or proof of provenance if there is doubt as to true ownership or authenticity.

                By Mail

Write to us including all the information below, or download and fill out our Acquisitions & Consignments Form for use as a template. Please address your letter to Cisco’s Gallery; Acquisitions; 220 N 4th St; Coeur d’Alene, ID  83814. Be sure to include the following in your letter: 

      1. Good quality photographs of the item/s, details of markings or signatures. Pictures of the back and underside of items can be very helpful.
      2. A detailed description of the item, provenance, condition. If your item comes with any kind of documentation, a photo of that documentation should be included.
      3. The price you are asking for the item or collection.

                In Person

Call us to schedule an appointment to bring your item in. Some decisions can be made quickly on the spot, however in other cases, you may need to leave them for us to research before purchasing or consigning. 


What type of items does Cisco’s typically purchase?

As you can see from the diverse inventory or our website, we specialize in a wide variety of antiques and works of art.  We only consider items that are of exceptional quality and condition.  Generally only items that would retail over $2000 are considered. If you are unsure, give us a call and/or send us your photos and we can let you know if your item and/or asking price is of interest.

Items that we do NOT consider for acquisition or consignment include:

  • Prints or reproductions of any kind
  • Taxidermy with any damage, including missing claws, shedding, or rotting
  • Items containing materials not legal to be sold in the United States such as eagle feathers, migratory bird feathers, elephant ivory, endangered species, or artifacts collected on protected lands unless documentation confirming legality can be provided



Cisco’s offers a fee-based appraisal service on items or collections. We will be happy to review and quote the charge for the appraisal or refer the item to a more appropriate appraiser. Individual pieces are on a piece-by-piece basis.  Estates, insurance and legal testimony are by “time and expenses.” For items brought to the store for which only a verbal appraisal is required and which we can appraise without research, the fee is low.  Additional charges may apply for a written appraisal.

Please send us a photograph of the item you would like to have appraised by using the online form, writing us by mail using our mail form, or setting up an appointment to come in the store. If you are contacting us regarding a larger collection or for estate purposes please call. By mail, please address your request to Cisco’s Gallery; Appraisals; 220 N 4th St; Coeur d’Alene, ID  83814. Please note if needed for insurance or estate purposes regardless of value.

The minimum online appraisal fee is $50.  If the item is thought to be under $500, we will email a return stating such with no charge and without appraisal.  A credit card, online or over the phone must be provided after a quote is made and prior to the appraisal.  We try to process all online appraisal inquiries within 10 business days, although responses to some online inquiries may take longer depending on availability of knowledgeable staff.


What If I’m just looking for information about an item I already own?

As we receive many inquiries, it would be impossible for us to provide detailed information on items you may own.  We would be happy to refer you to our fee-based appraiser who can research your item and provide you with an appropriate report and value.  Or if you are interested in selling or consigning the item, follow our acquisition consignment instructions.