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  • Germantown Weavings
    April 13, 2018 Sam Kennedy

    Germantown Weavings

    Natural dyes and hand-spun wool were used by Navajo weavers until the 1870s.  At that time, aniline dyes were introduced, replacing the natural dyes.  As commercial traders began the serious marketing of the Navajo weavings both in California and the...

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  • Navajo Weaver with Loom
    June 29, 2017 Seth Hamman

    History of Navajo Weavings?

    Navajo weavings were originally made for use as cloaks, dresses and saddle blankets.  Prior to the mid-19th century, the colors were primarily natural brown and white with the occasional addition of cochineal(red) and indigo, which were acquired through trade.  When...

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