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Essentials for the Western Man Cave

Essentials for the Western Man Cave

The man cave. A multipurpose male sanctuary. A place where rules are relaxed, and no one is going to ask you to explain yourself. A space where men can retreat and forgo any responsibilities cast upon them. Okay, okay. I might be exaggerating a bit. While we have all heard stories of over-the-top man caves containing everything from vintage muscle cars to full-size putting greens, the truth is, a good man cave is simply a place for men to indulge in their interests, hobbies or work free of distractions.  So, to prevent you from getting carried away, we’ve come up with a list of things to consider when creating your space.

Western Tables & Desks 

Having your own space is great but it is not much fun if it’s not functional. The last thing you want to do is try to write your memoir or next novel on a fold out card table. Important work demands a functional workspace. Measure your workspace correctly and find a table or desk that meets your needs. While writing may only require enough room for a laptop, working with tools and other instruments can take up a fair amount of space. Also, be aware of different surfaces and materials. Will a wood surface work or do you need something more rugged like granite or cement? Try to find something that fits with your projects as well as your style!

Western Leather Furniture

Regardless of whether you decide to use your space for work or play, it is important to have a place to wind down, relax and be comfortable. It’s time for that old lazy boy recliner to go. Treat yourself to something new. Something that better represents your identity. A good leather armchair or couch can go a long way in relieving the stress of the day. So, get ready to kick back and relax. You deserve it!

Old West Saloon Items

The ideal man cave is multipurpose. When you’re not busy working on a project or immersing yourself in a new hobby, you should be enjoying time with friends. Use your space as a place to gather with buddies and talk smart. If you’re into gambling, get a poker table or slot machine. If you’re competitive, how about a pool table or dart board? Find activities outside of staring at a T.V.

Shop Native American and Western Antiques, Fine Art  and Artifacts

Last but not least, décor. The best part of a man cave is that it reflects your identity. Some guys like motorcycles, others like hunting. Decorate your space with items that motivate, inspire, and represent who you are. Leave the beer can trophies in the attic where they belong. You have moved on to bigger and better. Your choice in décor will set the mood of the space and will affect the conversations had within. Decorate with items that have character or tell a story. Don’t just hang things on the wall to fill space. Be proud of your stuff! You have spent time collecting these items. Display them in a way that shows this. Get that gun cabinet you’ve wanted. Hang your elk on the wall. This is your space and it should tell a one-of-a-kind story!


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