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Assiniboine Beaded Moccasins


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19th Century beaded Assiniboine hide beaded moccasins with rare triple bifurcated tongue. The set exhibits Indian tanned hide with original 19th Century period correct glass trade seed beads being sinew sewn and the entire hide surface having a nice yellow ocher / ochre mineral pigment painted coloring. The set has a medium height ankle with beaded border, original Indian tanned hide tie strap and trade clothe border. The beadwork exhibits a classic Assiniboine pattern, commonly referred to by collectors as "Buffalo Tracks" or "Bison Tracks". The beadwork shows sinew sewing with colors of greasy yellow, greasy blue, greasy green, corn yellow, sky padre light blue, red white hearts, blue and faceted brass. One of the exciting original features of the set is the triple bifurcated tongue, or more commonly referred to as triple split tongue, which are completely beaded with a geometric pattern and at the ends of each split are two rolled tin tin cones with yellow dyed horse hair. The bases of the moccasins were professionally repaired many years ago, as the original hard sole parfleche bases had presumably deteriorated, now the soles are Indian tanned hide marked by a previous collector / musuem "Assiniboine". Assiniboine moccasins such as these dating to circa 1870-1890, especially with the triple split tongue and amazing beadwork, are extremely rare.

PERIOD: Late 19th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Northern Plains, Native American

SIZE: 10 1/2"L Sikdm 4.25" Ankle, 4"W

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