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Tsimshian Totem, Native, Carving, Totem Pole  <12 Tsimshian Totem  <12 Tsimshian Totem  <12 Tsimshian Totem  <12

Tsimshian totem

Item Number: AF0587

Vintage Tsimshian carved and painted totem. Sold at the Thunderbird Shop in Vancouver. Label on back reads “The top figure in this pole is the Eagle, bearing on his breast a painted likeness of the Tsimpsian Indians of Naas River, BC. The figure below represents the Whale, which has a face carved upon its body, symbolical of the mythological stealing of the moon from the Creator. The Tsimpsian Indians have a legend telling how an Indian boy, instead of drying all the salmon he caught, for future use, he would leave them on the beach as food for the eagles. A time came when the tribe was on the verge of starvation, and the boy was left to starve by his fellows because of the fish he had neglected to dry, but the eagles, remembering his kindness, came to his aid and brought him each day large supplies of salmon. He took them to the chief’s daughter, whom he married. Another legend about the whale tells how the whale swallowed the Raven, the Creator, who being enraged at the insult compelled the whale to swim to shore, where it dies. Indians passing the dead whale heard the Raven singing inside, and ripping the carcass open released him, after which a great feast was held off the body. The Indian also believed that when he was drowned at sea, he was reincarnated as a whale. Copyright by the Scenery Shop. Vancouver, BC.”

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Northwest - Unknown, Native American

SIZE: 12 1/2" including base

PRICE $1,200

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