Sun Mask american indian carvings, mask, northwest, sale item
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Sun Mask  american indian carvings, mask, northwest, sale item Sun Mask  american indian carvings, mask, northwest, sale item

Sun mask

Item Number: RD1A

Northcoast and Maori Sun Mask. The story of the mask: At one time, all the world was in darkness, until Raven stole the Sun, the Moon and the Stars from a powerful old chief. Sun now lives in the great and beautiful expanse above us, with Grandfather Sky. Sun is a universal symbol that most cultures easily recognize. We have come to appreciate Sun for the warmth it brings, the growth of all things on Earth, and the clarity that comes with daytime vision. All along the Pacific Rim, from the Maori in New Zealand, to the Inuit in northern Alaska, Sun is a strong and powerful symbol. In the cold of the winter, when Earth tilts away from the Sun, life is dormant and resting. In spring, when Grandmother Earth tilts back towards the Sun, she awakens from her winter's nap. The snows melt, newborns step forth into a new, vast, and unknown world to explore, grow, and take their place with all the other Beings. This awakening, this fresh outlook with new born eyes, is the blessing of Sun Spirit. We are challenged to look again at our life and maybe find a better way to walk upon Grandmother Earth. What can you do to bring the warmth of Sunlight into your life? This mask has `Abalone' inlay in the eyes and the rays of the Sun. Abalone is one of the gems of the sea. The colors of the rainbow are captured within the shell. With pupils of Abalone, this Sun Mask brings the ancient wisdom of the sea, and the promise of the rainbow to you. Warm yourself in the light and be renewed under the Sun!

36"H x 33"W

PERIOD: Contemporary

ORIGIN: Idaho, Northwest, Seabird Studio

SIZE: 36"H x 33"W

PRICE $ 350 $ 1,500

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