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St. Johns Polychrome Bowl


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Medium size, in-curved bowl with sides more rounded than the bottom. Contruction is by coil and scrape. The paste is buff color, however; the core is an unoxidized dark gray. The temper is mostly crushed angular sherd with subround to subangular quartz sand; the temper particles protrude on all surfaces. All of the interior and the exterior to 10cm down from the rim is coated with a red, 10R5/8, slip. A 17cm diameter area of the base is left uncoated. Interior decoration is applied with a thin, black paint and consists of six repeated sets of opposing, hollow, half terraces. The half terraces are separated by an undecorated zone that is divided by a hatched area containing both vertical and horizontal hatching. Framing lines average 6mm and hatched lines 1 1/2,,. On the bottom of the vessel is a circular area that contains two crossed, one-side-open, hour glass designs applied with a white paint. Exterior decoration is white paint applied over the red slip and consists of eight repeated, running, inverted triangles with scroll hooks. Each triangle is filled with five vertical corbel lines. The triangle frames are 10mm in width and the corbel lines are approximately 6mm. Four quartered rim chips may be intentional. Glued in two large pieces; there are five rim chips, one glued, which total 10 linear cm. Found in Navajo County, Arizona. This item is guaranteed to be of the time period and condition as described, has been exported legally and is legal to buy and sell under all international laws relating to cultural patrimony.

PERIOD: Middle Ages

ORIGIN: Southwest - Navajo, Native American

SIZE: 21.7cm D; 10.1cm H, 5mm Thick

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