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Painted Totem


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British Columbia totem by Wesley Dick. Tin placard on back Genuine Indian Craft made by Coqualeetca Indian School Asardis B.C. North America, Canada, British Columbia, Chilliwack/Sardis, Coqualeetza Indian School (also Chilliwack Home), ca. 1930s to 1940s CE, signed by Wesley Dick. A beautiful totem pole, hand-carved from wood, that displays a quartet of abstract zoomorphic creatures atop an attached rectangular, green-painted platform. Included on the totem pole are a seated horse with black arms and legs; a pair of hog-like creatures with serrated teeth and peaked ears; a large head, perhaps anthropomorphic in form, with tab-shaped teeth and flared nostrils; and a majestic bird with backswept wings and a slender beak with a forked tip. The flat verso is signed with the name, "Wesley Dick," an unknown artist. Painted with hues of green, black, brown, orange, red, teal, and white, this is an attractive totem pole! Size: 2.6" W x 19.4" H

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Northwest - Unknown, Native American

SIZE: 19" base 4" x 4"

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