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Medicine Lance


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Medicine Lance. 8' L with Beaded Drop Extending 40". Being a member of multiple military society lodges, the "Holy Man" owner of this lance would typically be a highly respected Tribal Elder. With all the awarded coups and captured medicine attached to this 'lodge lance', the owner would be seen holding numerous 'badges of office' being both an accomplished warrior and respected Elder within the tribe. Possesing the lance afforded the owner speaking rights at all gathering and military society meetingsas an emblem denoting senior tribal prestige and distinguished honors. Typically, the owner of a Bear Clan Holy Man's Lodge Lance would be buried with his lance as it was not to be transferrable to his heirs. This lance is indicative of great spiritual prowess and tribal esteem. At the head of the lanceis a "Holy Man's" banner with four sacred arrow effigies representing the 'Four-Fold Truths' handed down verbally by the 'ancients'. Also seen are three beaded "earth and sky" blue and red lodge emblems denoting three Society Lodge memberships and a beaded 'whirlwind' dragonfly on the reverse showing the owner to be of highly spiritual prominence and authority withing the tribal hierarchy. The numerous "bear paw" effigies on this lance reflect great honoron the owner as a indicationof his healing powerand immense courage. These effigies show that the owner was a member of the "bear clan", common to most Plains tribal groups. As such, these effigies indicate that the owner posseses the "supernatural" powers of healingand courage attributed to the female grizzly bear. As with war bonnets, Golden Eagle tail feathersindicate coups awarded by military society leaders for acts of valor and courage particularly in battle and if adorned with black hair at the feather tips, it meant that the recipient had great integrity and purity.

PERIOD: Contemporary

ORIGIN: Idaho, United States

SIZE: 8' L with Beaded Drop Extending 40"

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