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Headdress With red hair on the feather tips, the honor of the elders having purity, wisdom, endurance, and security is represented. The hawk feathers covering the back of the brain tanned buffalo crown indicates that the wearer has seen many encounters requiring keen vision, stealth, and quick action to succeed. All thirty six hand painted feathers of this bonnet are reflecting a more mature owner as they are indicating a more mature aged Golden Eagle. The primary owner's plumb is seen with red and yellow colored porcupine quill work like that of the colors of the tipi doors found in the bead work of the brow band. Yellow and red tipi doors indicate light and honor are going to be found inside like the influence coming from this bonnet owner's mind shown off by the red and yellow quill work on the major plume. The large Whirlwind dragonflies on the brow band indicate constant effort with spiritual intentions.

PERIOD: Contemporary

ORIGIN: Idaho, United States

SIZE: 30"H with Drops 26"W

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