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Cheyenne Beaded Tipi Liner


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Cheyenne beaded full size teepee liner. Excellent liner from the Cheyenne Native American Indians showing a linear beadwork pattern and further accented by early trade beads, dew claws, hide, and Germantown like wool yarn fringe. The teepee liner is constructed of an old trade tent canvas showing a very large 159" x 70" rectangular size with a total of eight linear strips of beadwork running horizontally across the entire surface done in early glass trade seed cen beads in colors of corn yellow, orange, red, black, green and lilac. The bottom edge shows approximately nine drop tassels of Germantown like yarn in a rich red and outside edges show several elk dew claws and various early circa 1800s glass trade beads such as Venetian Fancy Feather in red with a white and blue feather; Venetian "Padre" sky blue would glass beads in "Crow" size, various Venetian Millefiori beads, French "Cross" spotted bead and a chevron like Murano linear bead with millefiori styling. The beads are strung on hide and leather ties/fringe. A used piece.

PERIOD: Early 20th Century

ORIGIN: Great Plains - Cheyenne, Native American

SIZE: 159" x 70"

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