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Buffalo lap robe

Item Number: G1151

This buffalo lap robe is visual as well as historic. Without a written explanation, it tells a story. “They say there’s no such thing as an old Drover – they just disappear.” The liner on this robe is made from an 1860’s wool cowboy bedroll; used by a drover that once rode the trails and herded cattle – later married, settled down, probably in a cabin or sod shanty – killed a buffalo and made a lap robe for the farm wagon. This one used a lot; worn through and patched several times. As it was intended to be used a lot longer, it was mended with the heavy mane so that it would not wear through again in the same place. Won’t find another like it.

PERIOD: 19th century

ORIGIN: Montana

SIZE: 77" x 77"

PRICE $ 4,000

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Buffalo Lap Robe

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