Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet nautical, oil paintings, roger chapelet
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Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet  nautical, oil paintings, roger chapelet Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet  nautical, oil paintings, roger chapelet Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet  nautical, oil paintings, roger chapelet Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet  nautical, oil paintings, roger chapelet

Belle of the seas by roger chapelet

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(1903 - ). Oil on canvas. 36" x 26". This collection of ten paintings by Roger Chapelet was collected by Bob and Kathy David directly from the artist, through a gallery in California, over 20 years. Possibly the largest private collection. All paintings are in exceptional condition and well-framed. Selling as a collection or individually. Roger Chapelet developed a marked ability for drawing at a young age, inspired by the very picturesque surroundings of his native Perigord, in the southwest of France, where he was born in 1903. This province, well known by gourmets around the world for its truffles and pates, is also very rich in ancient stone farms and castles, built on gentle green slopes or hidden among small woods. The luminosity particular to the south of France allows a certain graceful aging of these old stones, which are peacefully blending nature. It is not a surprise that such an enviroment stimulated the artist's natural instinct for colors and impressed him deeply with love and respect for the old, as well as showing him its paradoxal freshness and vitality. He went to Paris in 1922 to complete his formal art studies. It is during this period, through several sailing trips to sea, that he realized that what he had simply taken for a childhood liking was actually a lot more. Roger Chapelet was in love with the sea. He still is. Young, adventurous, eager to learn and to see, he embarked on several sailing ships, including the famous cod fish tall ships of St-Malo in Brittany. He crossed the North Atlantic numerous times to Greenland and New Foundland. In 1936, he was awarded the appointment of "Peintre de la Marine" by the French Cultural Ministry, upon recommendation of the Governors of the cultural board of the French Navy. From 1939 to 1949 he served in the French Navy and in the Merchant Navy. Since 1946 he devotes his full time to his artistic career with regular sailing voyages, including quite a few on the "Sagres" which represented the Portuguese Navy at the Bicentennial parade of tall ships in New York. The artist is an accomplished sailor, who loves and respects everything which belongs to the sea. Tall ships in particular. His paintings reflect his experience and his feelings. Every painting is as carefully planned as a skipper charting his course. Heavily clouded skies would predetermine a specific color of ocean, with all the subtle shades. The direction, the shape, and the size of the waves would predetermine a certain wind force, expressed by the number of, and how the sails are spread, causing the ship to list at a specific angle. The distance from which the vessel is seen by the naked eye predetermines the visibility of all details. All elements are realistically and logically related to each other. The artist is in full control of his talent to create a balanced and harmonious composition. Color, light, and motion are Chapelet's forte. Through soft, tender, yet vibrant colors, the artist shows his French heritage. He expresses his feelings in elegant simplictiy, yet with a definite maritime character. The bold juxtaposition of a vigorous light on the sails, or on the waves, creates s depth which mellows with serenity into a romantic perspective of the immensity of the ocean. How he does create the distinct impression of one actually seeing a ship sailing by, and with such eloquent tranquility, is a gift that Chapelet is happy to share with one's own imagination. This is the unmistakable style of the great artist that Rodger Chapelet is, and which earned him the recognition of numerous museums and institutions. Among them: National Maritime Museum, Paris, France - Yorktown Museum, Yorktown - Museo da Marina, Lisbon - Museum of Bremerhaven, Germany - Museum of Oran, Morocco - Musee de Toulon, France - Musee de Perigueux, France - Foundation Gulbenkian, Lisbon - Ministre de la Marine, Paris - Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Lisbon - City Hall of Lisbon - City Hall of Dunkirk. There also was numerous stamps made of his work by the French Government.

PERIOD: Mid 20th Century

ORIGIN: France

SIZE: 36" x 26" x 3"

PRICE $ 5,000

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Belle of the Seas by Roger Chapelet

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