Bear Spirit masks
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Bear spirit

Item Number: Y532

Bear came to teach the poor and weak humans their place in nature and help them learn how to live in the world. The bear is a link between the human and non-human animal realms. The bear has many human-like qualities, and is considered to be closely related to humans. Bear Spirit is strong and powerful, and is frequently called upon for strength and courage for the warrior. A fierce mother, Bear will defend its young to the death. Bear Mother is a traditional story of man of the Northwest coastal tribes. Northwest Coast hand carved cedar mask with exceptional abalone eyes, teeth are of ivory with elk ivory fangs. Signed with a bear. Second time around. Came from an estate. The man who acquired now passed on. 14”H 10”W. Est. 1940s. Hand carved. Exceptional abalone in the eyes.

1940s 14"H x 10"W

PERIOD: Contemporary

ORIGIN: Northwest

SIZE: 14"H x 10"W

PRICE $ 2,500

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Bear Spirit

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