Anasazi Jar anasazi, jars, pottery, pottery-prehistoric
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Anasazi Jar  anasazi, jars, pottery, pottery-prehistoric Anasazi Jar  anasazi, jars, pottery, pottery-prehistoric

Anasazi jar

Item Number: B0818_10

Medium size, globular/oblite jar. Body height (less neck) is 57% of the maximum diameter, which occurs approximately at mid point. The neck is recurved and expanding; the lip slightly flared out and rounded; construction is coil and scrape. The paste is white and fired to a very pale brown to yellow. A coarse, quartzy sand and sherd temper can be seen on all surfaces. The exterior is smoothed, stone polished?, as is the neck interior. Decoration is quartered, circling A,B,A,B rhythm consisting of 4 or 5 rows of narrow lines contianing four panels of dual keys and triangles. Painted color is very dusky red to red. One body and two neck lines have "spirit breaks." One panel exhibits a distinct "blush" along the edges of the paited lines. Except for a framing line, all of the decoration is above the mid point of the vessel. One small rim chip and rim crack. Purchased as a "Mesa Verde Bottle."

PERIOD: AD 1325-1425

ORIGIN: Houston, Texas

SIZE: 16.3cm D; 17.1cm Deep; 9.3cm Opening; 4.8-5.5mm Wall

PRICE $ 1,200

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Anasazi Jar

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