Sporting Goods

The Kennedy family from way-back has always been active in the outdoors. It is only natural that this interest spread into Cisco’s Gallery, the family business. Hunting, trapping, and fishing is predominant in the sporting collection, which includes rarities used by gentleman hunters and rugged fur traders alike. We occasionally add in athletic items. Taxidermy can be found in the Lodge Furnishings section.


Vintage Wolf Trap

Hunting and Trapping

The hunting and trapping category includes all the accouterments used by early frontiersman through gentleman hunters of the early 20th century. This includes hunting vestments, pouches, packs, kit, and traps. We do have quite a few traps of all sizes and use - mouse traps to bear traps, many of which were used in the fur trade era. 

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Pair of Mason Detroit Grade Widgeons


The waterfowl category includes old duck hunting decoys, calls, artwork, and a few shotguns. Waterfowl decoys, or ‘dekes’ as they are commonly called by hunters, can be particularly collectible with earlier decoys in good condition being very desirable. These don’t just include ducks, but also swans, pigeons, doves, and more. The Cisco’s collection includes many collectible decoys as well as well used ‘folky’ decoys – perfect as interest pieces on a table or shelf.

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Hand-made willow and harness leather creel


Much of the focus of our fishing collection has been on spear fishing decoys and one-of-a-kind folk art pieces of which we have a couple thousand.  Additionally, we do focus on fly-fishing including creels, bamboo fly rods, reels, and collectibles.  We also have a good selection of manufacturer’s old wood glass-eyed fishing plugs and original fishing related paintings.

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