Special Collections

To maintain a high quality of our inventory normally purchases are made on a piece-by-piece basis, as we prioritize quality versus quantity. However, from time to time we do have the opportunity to purchase entire high end, rare and exceptional collections, which are represented under this category.


"Tribute to America" Tramp Art

Acquired by Cisco’s Gallery in 2001, the “Tribute to America” collection is a set of monumental revival tramp art pieces. The set includes a chest of drawers, secretary desk, and back bar table – all with hidden compartments and an American theme. The set was created by the Hermitage Artists of upstate New York – a formerly homeless band, and was sold at auction as a benefit to the libraries of Long Island.

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Brienz Black Forest

Cisco’s acquired the Brienz Collection in 2001, purchasing a large private collection of a museum in Brienz, Switzerland and then assisting in publishing a comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, Black Forest Bears and Wood Carvings, 1860-1920. Since that time, Cisco’s continues to acquire additional pieces, both large and small, with one of the largest offerings in the country – over 400 pieces. Although the entirety of our collection is vintage, we do have contacts in Europe by which we can accommodate requests for commissioned contemporary pieces by master Swiss carvers.

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Carl Moon Orotones

Carl Moon (1879-1948) had a very successful career associating with and sponsored by many notorieties of his time such as Thomas Moran, Russell, John Muir, and J.P. Morgan. His focus was mostly in Taos, developing the advertising posters for Wells Fargo, Stetson, Santa Fe Railroad, and American Lumber while at the same time marketing posters, photogravures, platinum prints, and hand-colored photographs. At the time Thomas Driebe’s book In Search of the Wild Indian was published, it was not known that Carl Moon had produced orotones (also known as goldtones). A family member of Carl Moon approached Mr. Driebe with Carl Moon’s personal collection. This is the same collection we are now offering – original frames and exceptional pleasing images. “A number of very capable critics who have been in Albuquerque quite recently have been comparing Mr. Moon’s Indian photographs with those of Curtis, the famous Indian photographer, the comparison in all cases having been to the advantage of the Albuquerque man.” - Albuquerque Herald, 1904

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Ortiz Sword Collection

Collected over a lifetime by a prominent doctor in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Ortiz Sword Collection represents the remaining assets of a widow’s trust. The collection contains a diversity of fine swords, knives, and daggers from around the world.

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