Western Fine Art

Art is one of Cisco's main focus areas. The collection contains hundreds of original pieces, mostly with a western theme, but also by well-known artists in other genres. We try to have a diversity of artwork - paintings, sculptures, and photography from folky to serious investment quality. While the majority of our artwork is by well-known deceased artists, we also represent a few contemporary artists which we believe to be of similar caliber. With our artist contacts, we can commission pieces in almost any genre if a customer has a particular need. 


Herd Bull Bronze by Bob Scriver


Cisco’s has a fair inventory of bronzes, specializing in those with western, cowboy, and Indian themes. We occasionally carry bronzes by Russell, Remington, and Bob Sriver, among others which we feel to be of significant quality. We do work with several master sculptors if a commissioned piece is desired, tabletop, monumental or heroic. We also have the ability to search and quote any bronze of interest and do offer decorative recasts of Russell’s and Remington’s in several sizes at competitive prices.

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Alaskan Monarch Oil Painting by Greg Park


Cisco’s has hundreds of original paintings by over 200 different artists.  The collection goes from the decorative and unsigned, to those of serious investment quality.  The collection focuses on Western and Southwest landscapes, wildlife, Native American and cowboy.  All pieces are well framed and ready for the wall.  Our focus is mostly on deceased artists; however, we do handle artwork of a few contemporary artists that we feel are of significant quality, most coming to us directly from the artist. 

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Carl Moon Signed Gold Tone Photograph


Historic photography portrays the true story of the early west, both in attire and actions. Our collection focuses on high quality and interesting images by great photographers- Roland, Reed,Curtis, Carl Moon, and Hoffman. In addition, we have a selection of 11”x14” brown tone photographs copied from the original negatives.

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