Our Business

Cisco’s Gallery deals in the rare, exceptional, and one-of-a-kind pieces that define the history of America and the Old West. Our pieces range from American Indian to Cowboy Western and include original items of everyday life, commerce, art, and warfare that tamed America’s frontier. We have many pieces of fine art and support many contemporary artists that have a classic or western style including painters, bronze sculptors, silversmiths, carvers, and furniture makers. Our hope is to provide the best of what was, and what is, rugged America. 

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Cisco's Staff  Left to right: Jennifer Wright, Elise Nordberg, Hunter Kennedy, Sam Kennedy, Colton Kennedy, Seth Hamman, Jenneal Symons, and James Bauer.


Our Story

Our entrance into the rarities business began when my wife, Denise, and I opened the doors to Cisco’s in 1989 - the first year of our marriage. Starting with only an interest and history books, we set up shop in the small town of Clear Lake, Iowa. While Clear Lake served as a home base, we quickly realized that we needed to set out on the road. In the early years we traveled the country on a national show circuit. Over the tens of thousands of miles we traveled, we gained knowledge, a reputation, and invaluable contacts and friends. Along the way we were also fortunate enough to meet many ‘old time’ collectors who became our best friends and mentors – most of who have now passed away along with their knowledge.

In 1996, Denise and I decided to move west. With the option to move anywhere, we both fell in love with the quaint and picturesque mountain town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Cisco’s Gallery, as the business was newly named, thrived in its new location, and so did our two young and outdoor loving sons, Colton and Hunter. Visitors come from across the country to enjoy Coeur d’Alene’s western scenery, outdoor activities, and artistic offerings. We moved through several buildings before permanently locating in the historic 1930’s Odd Fellow’s Lodge, which is now packed from floor to ceiling with “one-of-a-kinds.”

Times change, and Cisco’s Gallery has changed too! We recently finished restoration of the Odd Fellow’s Lodge and have launched Cisco’s first e-commerce site. We continually strive to acquire new and interesting inventory and invite you to visit us and take a look at our current “best ever.”

 -  Sam Kennedy

Our Staff   


Sam Kennedy

Sam Kennedy

Founder and owner of Cisco’s Gallery, Sam has had an interest in cowboy and Indian since

childhood - growing up on a farm and ranch in rural Iowa. Perhaps it was his eccentric 

grandfather on his mother's side, a world class athlete, travel writer, and adventurer that gave

him a passion for the Old West. Or perhaps it was his grandfather on his father's side who 

homesteaded in Utah delivering mail by horseback with a colt revolver on his hip. When not

spending his time as an outdoorsman in the rugged mountains of Idaho, he can be found

sharing his knowledge and passion for the past at the gallery.

Jenneal Symons

Jenneal is Ciscos' Office Manager. She assists Sam with logistics, correspondence and general

office duties. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family. Her favorite activities

include camping, fishing and floating the river.

Colton (Colt) Kennedy

A mathematician and engineer by trade, Colt brings a tech savvy advantage to a business so

focused on the past. He leads business development projects, such as this website, our financial

system, IT infrastructure, and capital improvements. An avid adventurer, world traveler, and 

outdoorsman, Colton has worked internationally with diplomats and country-folk alike - always 

striving to make a positive difference in the world.


Hunter Kennedy

Studying architecture and design, Hunter has developed an eye for style. He often helps alongside

Sam with design and decorating projects - incorporating historic pieces into the design of homes,

restaurants, and the Cisco's Gallery. He hopes to pursue a career in historic architectural restoration.


Seth Hamman

With a focus on digital media, Seth is a cornerstone of Cisco's Online - responsible for product

photography, electronic inventory management, and online advertising development.